Sunday, April 3, 2011

J Desk: Beyond the Deepwoods

Image ©2005 Walter Siegmund

"J Desk" is short for Children's Reference Desk, and I'll use that category for thoughts on children's books.

I originally posted this short review to Goodreads:

"Like a fantasy-horror cartoon as envisioned by Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss, Beyond the Deepwoods is an entertaining coming-of-age adventure story. Twig, a boy raised among trolls in a forest at the edge of the world, finds himself lost from his adoptive people within the monster-haunted Deepwoods, and a quest for survival becomes in time a search for his origins. It's an episodic book that sometimes drags a little, and which occasionally veers awkwardly between humor and horror, but the sheer inventiveness of Paul Stewart's ideas, enhanced by the bizarre and clever drawings of Chris Riddell, keep the story engaging. I hope to read the sequels."

I can add now that I've read one of the sequels, Stormchaser, and enjoyed it. The storytelling seems to settle into a good grove in that one. I expect to continue with the Edge Chronicles, in between other things. More on Stormchaser will have to wait for another post, though.

Check out the Edge Chronicles site for more info, and to see Chris Riddell's art for the series.

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