Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We've been happily occupied visiting family and getting in the swing of the school year, so just some brief thoughts here...

Our travel plans changed, so unfortunately I wasn't able to attend Worldcon in Chicago this year. If anyone tried to contact me there and I failed to reply, I wasn't meaning to be rude, just failing to be in two places at once. (Teleportation just isn't my super power. I'm pretty good at finding stuff lost in the house, though. Although since I'm probably the one who lost it in the first place, that may not count either.) Hope everyone who attended had a great time. Congratulations to the Hugo winners!

I just got the great news that my standalone science fiction story "Waiting for a Me Like You" is slated for the November/December Fantasy & Science Fiction.

The very talented author Matthew Hughes has a new website. If you like far-future science fantasy in the vein of Jack Vance, you should definitely check out Hughes' work.

Paul Gilster's blog Centauri Dreams frequently has fascinating posts that I keep meaning to link to. The focus is on the long-term possibilities of interstellar travel, but anything related to astronomy and space exploration (and sometimes science fiction too) is fair game. Three especially interesting posts recently were about the possibility of habitable planets around white dwarf stars, the implications of contacting aliens truly more intelligent than ourselves, and a moving farewell to Neil Armstrong.

Hope the last days of your summers are treating you well.

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