Friday, January 24, 2014

"The Cloak of Belonging"

Just resurfacing to report that my new Pathfinder Tales story "The Cloak of Belonging" is now complete and free to read at . See:

This story features Gideon Gull, a down-on-his-luck bard in the world of the Pathfinder Tales roleplaying game, an unlikely hero about to be swept into a career of fantastical intrigue. His story continues in my new book The Dagger of Trust, about which you can learn more here:

I hope the new year is treating everyone well. More later!


  1. Great work Chris. Just finished it up this morning. Loved the cliffhangers between chapters. Wonderful conclusion; I think my favorite lines of poetry from the tale were in the final scene. Gull is a likeable fellow, so I'm glad more is on the way. Looking forward to "The Dagger of Trust."