Friday, February 15, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Cast "Zot!"

Just being silly, and playing with Apple's "Paper" application. I took a break from revising a big project ... and unfortunately there is no "Zot" spell for that!


  1. @Chris Willrich

    Hi,just came across the cover of your upcoming novel,The Scroll of Years on an online catalogue,great cover! -

    Great cover!

    I'm always excited when a new Sword & Sorcery book comes along.When can we expect a blurb/summary of the book ? Will this be a trilogy ?

  2. Hi John -- Thanks for your comment! I'd meant to post something about the book by now, but I'm kind of snowed under with family stuff and other obligations. I will make sure to make a proper announcement next week. But for now ...

    That wonderful cover is by the amazing Kerem Beyit. I was very lucky he was available and willing to do this one. Check out more of his work here:

    The book is upcoming in September from Pyr Books. It is a Gaunt and Bone story. Random House's site (they have a distribution arrangement with Pyr) has a description of the book here:

    Thanks for your interest, and sorry I am behind the curve in getting the word out!

  3. @Chris Willrich

    Wow,thanks for the quick reply!

    Will def. check out the artwork of Kerem Beyit,thanks.

    Many thanks also for the link to the summary.

    "It's Brent Weeks meets China Mieville in this wildly imaginative fantasy debut featuring high action, elegant writing, and sword and sorcery with a Chinese flare"

    Weeks and Mieville = I'm def. buying this!

    May i also invite you to join the SFFWORLD forum ? -

    They have a 'Promotion Zone' where debut SFF authors can promote/introduce their books and we,the readers ask questions/info about you and your books.

    Best Regards,

  4. John, thank you for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy it. And thanks also for the invitation to visit SFFWORLD -- I'll definitely drop by, but probably not until sometime next month. I'm trying to catch up on too many things right now ...

    Sorry I missed your question about a trilogy. The book is standalone, though like the Gaunt and Bone short fiction there are connections with other stories, and hints of things to come. I'm working on a sequel, but there is nothing firm beyond that.