Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing Updates

I'm preoccupied with many things right now, including a family illness. But it's time I posted an update on my writing news.

First, I'm pleased to report that this week my science fiction story "Waiting for a Me Like You," (F&SF November/December 2012) is appearing in audio format at the award-winning StarShipSofa, as narrated by Jonathan Danz.

Second, in recent months I've been working on some fiction for Paizo Publishing, makers of the Pathfinder roleplaying game. As a longtime gamer myself, I have been having a lot of fun with this. More on that as things develop.

Last, but far, far from least, that cover above is by the amazing Kerem Beyit, for the upcoming Gaunt and Bone novel The Scroll of Years, to be published in September by Pyr. The book takes place after the story "A Wizard of the Old School," (F&SF August 2007) in which our semi-heroes finally looked to be settling down. Alas, life for sword and sorcery characters is rarely that simple, and Gaunt and Bone find themselves fleeing from assassins, all the way to the Far East of their continent.

I hope to be more talkative in the future, but this is probably the last post for a little while. A satisfying post to make, though!


  1. Great news all around, but I am especially excited to read about the Bone and Gaunt novel. Already added it to my Amazon wish list; it will be a long wait for September.

    Wishing your family well.

  2. Heard 'Waiting for a Me Like You' on StarShipSofa today, really quite enjoyed it! It made me think too. Thinking about the multiverse usually seems to.

  3. Thank you, Basil. By the way, "Waiting" was partly inspired by Larry Niven's 1968 story "All the Myriad Ways." Another take on the theme is Robert Charles Wilson's 1998 story "Divided by Infinity," which was reprinted at, here -- . Both the Niven and Wilson stories are quite downbeat, but have interesting perspectives. I also remember enjoying Alexander Jablokov's 1987 story "At the Cross-Time Jaunters' Ball," which if I remember right is more of an adventure story, but similarly thought-provoking.

  4. @Chris Willrich

    Thanks for posting the high-resolution cover,the details and colour are amazing!

  5. Can't wait to read this book. I fell in love with your Gaunt and Bone stories when I first read Penultima Thule in F&SF. I've scour all the magazines I can think of looking for your stories since then. Thank you as always for sharing your imagination and stories. It's on my wishlist at Amazon.